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Co-curricular Activities

The Home Page Author with Beauty Contest Participants

(The author,Dr.Vikas Malhotra(tall guy,last row),with participants of the College Beauty Contest)

The college promotes all-round development of the students, a very conducive atmosphere being provided for the same...

The college holds it's annual literary & cultural festival - Ripple, in February each year. It is an inter-college festival, colleges from all parts of the country being invited. It is a time full of fun and competitive spirit in the air as the annual sports festival of the college - Arena, goes on hand in hand...

The festival continues for 5 days, ending on a weekend with a Rock-show, other main attractions being the Choreography competition, the Fashion show and the beauty contest - Laavanya (the sanskrit term for physical beauty). Quizzes and debates too are held and eagerly contested.

A makor attraction for the past few years has been the `Carnival' wherein the teachers present skits, plays, musical and what loud cheering by the attendant students.

...The Festival greatly enhances the bonds of all those who attend the festival, to eachother...and to the institution.

The college students have access to a well equipped gymnasium and playing fields with facilities for sports like football, basketball, hockey, table-tennis etc.

These co-curricular activities truly help the people to know eachother better and to ease in the greater part the stress produced by hectic schedeules.

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