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Page Creation and Concept

The idea for the U.C.M.S. HomePage was conceived and implemented by yours truly Dr. Vikas Malhotra, a graduate from the institution in 1995 and recepient of the`Best Out-Going Student Of the Year' Award and the Academic Gold Medallist from the institution for the session ending December 1995.

I am highly obliged to Dr.A.Indrayan, Head of the Division of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, whose unending efforts in compilation of all the information presented here and continuing support have enabled me to make this page.

I am grateful to Prof. B.B.L. Aggarwal, Principal U.C.M.S. for his interest in the development of this HomePage.

I would like to thank Dr. Neelam Dhingra Kumar, National Expert on Transfusion Medicine and AIDS to the Govt. Of India for her keen interest and support in activities pertaining to medical informatics.

Finally, the people who stand by me in all my endeavours and who support me all along with guidance and actual Page Creation: